Mothers Day at Maroubra


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I went to Maroubra Beach yesterday. Not for any reason in particular, just to go somewhere I hadn’t been before.  A mini escape without leaving Sydney at all.  It’s a nice place, not a Bra Boy in sight.  Families, and loads of people out for Mother’s Day.  People swimming as well, strange since the weather is quite cold now, I imagine the water would have been very chilly.

I took my camera, wandered around, up the coastal path, down to the sandy beach where the waves were dotted with surfers on their boards.  Here are a few shots.  The photos weren’t great, so it was a prime opportunity to do some more playing with Photoshop, a program that I am beginning to very much doubt my ability to live without.

Bikes in Maroubra

I wonder where the owners of the bikes are?  I think there is an air of mystery about this photo.  Maybe a pair of young emo lovers jumped off the cliff… or perhaps a pair of eco lovers have just gone for a stroll.  I was thinking it might have been a couple of hooligan youths, but then I noticed that one of the bikes is a boy bike and one is a girl bike, so there is an air of romance about it.

Mothers Day at Maroubra

Mother and son… not talking it seems.

Ladies loos at Maroubra

The ladies loos.  An important place.

Maroubra Beach

Some kids were having a birthday party and this had been drawn on the coastal path.


Flowers someone had tied in memory for a mum who must have loved sitting on this seat looking out along the coast from Maroubra all the way to Bondi and Bronte.

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