Need some joy? Kick a poo!!

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Need some fun in your day?  Need some joy?  Need to develop a new hobby without the expense of purchasing a football?  Or maybe you just need a good beverage inspired by the world’s most biodegradable sporting equipment.


Spotted today in a coffee shop here in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia… a huge banner for Kickapoo Joy Juice.  What a name.

I also have no idea what they are doing on that illustration on the can.  Barbequeing themselves?  The levitating elephant might be pooping and the other guy kicking?  I dunno.

Immature I know, but I’m the same girl that laughed for days after discovering Poo brand tofu in Jakarta.

Their Website doesn’t seem to be working though, so I can’t find out more.  How sad.

5 Responses to " Need some joy? Kick a poo!! "

  1. Aubrey says:

    The best things about “Poo” brand tofu are that a) “Poo” is in inverted commas and b) it is tahu pong. Pong for chrissakes!

  2. Amee says:

    If you kick a poo you get joy in your life? Hehe.

    Bad time to look at your photos. I’m hungry again, darn it!

  3. Nek says:

    I’ve spotted it inside a store on Penang and tried it. Despite the name it has a nice citrus taste.

  4. pooeik says:

    hey, guess what. my name is poo eik! 😛 go on , laugh it out!

  5. Rifdi says:

    POOOOOOOOOO EIK! his number is 01623851XX XD figure out the last two.