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So I decided I needed a spare pair of glasses around the place… but I mostly had just been looking at Bonlook for ages and wanting to order a pair.  So I did.  Well. I ordered two pairs. But for $99 US a pair, I figured I could take the gamble.

I actually really like both the pairs that I got, which is great. I was a bit hesitant about whether the sizing would work etc, because when I go to a glasses store I usually try on so many pairs that just don’t fit well, but I had no problems. I was also a bit hesitant about the looks, whether they would be a bit too hipster for me to pull off, but I think I can manage them.

I’d really recommend reading all the advice on Bonlook about measuring temple length, etc, or basing it off the measurements of a pair of glasses that you already have, to find the right size frames. They also have some good tools that make suggestions.

So here’s the pairs that I ordered from Bonlook (apologies for the selfies):


My new (spare) glasses arrived from #bonlook! Yay! $99 FTW. #whiskyThese are the Whisky frames in Chocolate Tortoise.

OK so maybe I ordered two pairs of spares. Yay! Online glasses shopping FTW. #bonlook #dylan

And these are the Dylan frames in Cinnamon Brown.

I think the Whisky frames are my favourites, but I do like them both.

Screen shot 2014-03-29 at 6.54.04 PM

For comparison, these are the glasses below that I paid more than $400 AU for from OPSM last year (before my private health cover got reactivated from me being overseas).


They are Ray Bans. I do really like them and I will probably still wear them the most. But I don’t think they are four times better quality than the Bonlook glasses. And there was basically nothing cheaper in the store when I was trying them on. Everything was designer branded and $400+ with lenses. It’s good that we can end this rort on fashion frames….

For those wondering how long it takes from ordering to delivery in Oz for Bonlook, it was just under two weeks for me.

I know some people have had troubles getting scripts out of their optometrists, I was fine on that luckily. But remember, they actually have to give you the script, they can’t just blackmail you into buying overpriced glasses from their shop. I just took a photo of the script and send it to Bonlook, and the glasses are sharp and clear and everything they should be.

If the looks at Bonlook don’t tickle your fancy, another friend told me about Sneaking Duck. The benefit there is that you can claim against your Australian health insurance if you have private cover — I couldn’t claim back my Bonlook glasses. So I may trying Sneaking Duck as well, since I won’t have to pay for a pair with my insurance… I’m tempted by the Sorbet or Red Comet for a really bold look! And Sneaking Duck have a free try on at home service, so I might just take advantage of that. Oscar Wylee are another Australian option with this service.

Good to see glasses being able to be more fun and affordable thanks to online shopping! I am probably going to collect a lot of pairs of spares now…

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