Oh, how times have changed.


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Once upon a time, when I would check what Google and Yahoo! search terms people had entered to stumble upon my blog, it would be "anna coren logie dress", "ready steady cook", "tim bailey weatherman", "bums not bombs protest" or "natalie bassingthwaighte squinting".

Today, for the first time in a long time, I checked out what people were searching to end up on the blog.

"jakarta prostitutes stadium"
"Bali porn"
"indonesia porn"
"indonesia travel" (lame!)
"jakarta clubbing"
"hot photos jakarta"
"nasi gudeg"
among others.

How my life has changed!  It was once all Oz pop culture, now it's all prostitutes, travel, doof doof music and good food.  Hmm.  I hadn't noticed.

There must be some disappointed souls finding their way here.  Those posts about the porn law really paid off in hits…

I feel like I should just post a photo of tits here just so people aren't disappointed if they find this post when they are searching for porn.

But I won't.  I thought about it but.

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