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I got my puppy. His name is Asterix, he’s now five months old, and he is extremely cute and full of energy and mischief.

He sleeps with me on my bed, is excited beyond belief when I get home from work, pulls clumps of lavender and twigs out of the garden and puts them in bed, and was toilet trained but has now regressed substantially due to a storm. We’re working on it.

After his first proper groom.

People who meet him go ‘wow he’s full on’ but I think he’s the best boy. And sometimes it feels like he is the only one that appreciates me. Even if he bites sometimes with his pointy puppy teeth, it’s just because he is a baby.

He loves cafes, going for walks, going to the dog park, all people, lavender, all of his toys, fighting with the broom, trying to steal the toilet brush and underwear to bring it into the lounge room and he especially loves kids.

Anything shaped vaguely like a stick in our apartment is now covered with teeth marks and all my shoes have teeny tiny puncture marks in them, but it is great.

I’ve felt very isolated at work and in some friendships for a while now. Having a little crazy pup who wants to play and adores me definitely helps. Sometimes it’s tiring and hard to manage his energy with my ME/CFS but I am muddling through and he’s a happy little pup, so things must be alright.

You can follow him on Instagram at @asterix_the_oodle.

He was so tiny when he first came home in November! Squeee!

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