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I used to blog over here. Now I’m going to try blogging here to see if I like it.

This is me.

Self portrait

A self portrait I took, wearing a crazy beanie with ear flaps that I bought at Camden Markets in London.

I guess I should write something about myself to kick this off.  I’m very nearly 22, I live in Sydney.  I’m a journalist-slash-photographer by day at a suburban newspaper… after hours I’m not anywhere near as grown up.  I love travel, I’m starting to love photography… and betty likes blogging, of course.  Betty is a nickname, my real name is Ashlee, or Ash.  I will answer to any of the above.

This blog will be filled with the sorts of things most blogs are filled with.  Random banter about life, random views about books and music, random whinging, random bitching, and many a random photograph.

I will give this blog a swish design eventually, and I will try and update it regularly.

That’s it really.  Hope you like it.

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