Roll up, roll up, get yer Sexy Dancers ‘ere


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And on the sabbath day, the Sexy Dancers rest.

Spotted this outside a sports bar in the relatively upscale area of Seminyak in Bali.


A few points:

1. Do you think I can get a research grant from a major university to conduct a study of which bar actually has the coldest Bintang in Bali?  It’s clearly an untested claim with many rival theories… in other words, every bar is claiming the title.

2.  The fact that you can advertise on a huge banner that you have sexy dancers in Bali, yet in Bandung, West Java, you can be arrested for sexy dancing just goes to show the huge gaps in law enforcement and justice in this country.  Firstly, sexy dancing should not be illegal, because, seriously, where do you draw the line?  I get pretty steamy on the dancefloor if someone drops JT’s ‘sexyback,’ but whether its criminal is a matter of taste. But secondly, Bali clearly doesn’t face the same restrictions as many other parts of the country, largely due to its Hinduism and tourist industry.  But in a secular country, shouldn’t the standards on this stuff be universal?

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