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The light was really harsh today at Seminyak (above) and Legian Double Six beaches, beating down on the boiling hot sand, bouncing off the waves all glarey… the sand was so scalding hot you could definitely fry an egg on it, leaving me with little inspiration to wander past the shady fringes and down to the surf. Despite thankfully skirting pink skin, the SPF 50+ wasn’t enough to keep my freckles at bay and I am now completely splotched, marked with the same dots that have always reappeared whenever I spend too long under the rays, their appearance able to be traced back to childhood swimming lessons and summer school sports carnivals.

But the brutal light meant I had to play a bit with these pics to make them palatable. Which is always a little bit fun, right?




Lunch at Warung Mimpi, Seminyak.


2 Responses to " Seminyak "

  1. Ella says:

    Drooling over these pics while enduring yet another Canberra morning of 9 degrees…

  2. Ashlee says:

    Ah, I forgot you are anak tropik… not used to the rather hot summer/rather cold winter divide we have down further south…