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Had to go to Singapore the other day for a visa run.  What a chore.  I unfortunately wasn’t feeling amazing due to a flu (which has only gotten worse).  Luckily I managed to have a bowl of piping hot chicken congee for lunch to get me going for the day.  Didn’t take pics, was too busy enjoying the restorative qualities of the congee — chicken soup for the soul kind of stuff.

For dinner, I was in Chinatown, and headed to “Food Street” to get some yummy fare from the outdoor hawker stalls.  It was difficult to decide what to have, there were so many tasty looking and smelling options!

IMG_3150 IMG_3164

I decided to go with the theory that whichever stall had the most locals queued up for food must be the best.  So I ended up at this little stall which sold “fried carrot cake” (which I didn’t try, but wish I had… it looked like a savory dish, very omelet like) and Chinese-style seafood omelet, which I ordered (small size was SG $8).


The couple that ran the food stall worked hard.  They had a production line going on taking orders and cooking, and they had an innovative way of recording orders… a peg system.  Each dish was a different color peg.  They had a big peg for a an order of a large serve, and a small for small.  When an order was complete, the peg would be removed.




Our chef deftly worked the cooker, managing to prepare two or three egg-based different dishes on the same hot plate at once.

He also happened to be wearing a t-shirt which read “Surfers Paradise spunk”.  That amused me greatly.  So I’m guessing his hard work at his little stall earned him a tidy enough sum for a trip to the Gold Coast at some point.


I was so hungry watching all these goings on and smelling all the amazing food around me.  People were constantly parading past with trays of sate (just spelled that the Indonesian way!  I mean satay), stir fry, noodle soups, beef and black bean and all manner of goodness.

But yay!  My omelet was ready!!


Oh my God.  It was as good as it looks, if not better.  All the seafood was fresh and delicious.  No frozen seafood substitute crap.  And they were proper prawns, not shrimp.  All scrambled together with eggs, some oyster sauce, soy sauce, shallots, chili and some other spices.  So good!

I want some more right now… mmmm.

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  1. Jasmin says:

    I love these photos of street hawkers and food in Singapore. Being a native there, they hardly seem like fresh subjects but thankfully have been renewed by your perspective.