Singapore: Little India


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My brain is currently filled with snot from a flu, and I took tons of photos in Singapore (and bought a new camera lens), so I can’t be bothered to write much, will just post lots of pictures.

Anyway, Singapore is a funny place.  Since it’s a city-nation, formerly a British colony, it has people from everywhere.  It means, for tourists and locals alike, there are some great little cultural enclaves to explore.

Little India smelled like turmeric and cumin as soon as I got off the underground train!  I was going to stock up on some spices, but wasn’t sure about customs rules… I have now discovered there basically aren’t any, and a little bribe always gets you out of any trouble at Indonesia’s airport, so next time in Singapore I will definitely try and get a spice cupboard going again to replace the one I left behind in Sydney.

There were lots of cool markets and stores at Little India, lots of women wearing beautiful saris and lots of tasty-looking fresh produce as well.

Here’s lots of pictures.









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  1. Tilda says:

    These photos are stunning! I want to go to Singapore!!