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Turns out this blog was down for a couple of months and I didn’t even notice, because 2020.

I got a couple of emails from my web host about not being able to charge the hosting fees (change of credit card since last time) that I ignored because time has lost all meaning in this strange year. Then I realised in late September that my sites had been closed down in July. Congrats to me on this new life admin achievement!

Lucky the host still had backups, and everything was able to be restored once I coughed up some moolah.

I will endeavour to be better about keeping my website online, and maybe even sometimes writing on it. But you all understand. You’re in 2020 as well. Whaddamess.

For a while it felt like it was going well, once I got past the initial funk of working from home and settled into more of a rhythm, and the lockdown became a lot softer here. I was having all these ideas about businesses or initiatives I could start, and feeling a bit creative. Then my mum’s health started going downhill again, which has been very stressful and continues to be stressful, some work things kind of set me off, Victoria hit its second wave heightening the COVID worry again. And as I looked into the feasibility of my ideas I realised that all of them needed capital or a savings buffer, or more available energy, which I don’t have, or for certain industries to not be totally decimated by a pandemic or government neglect. So I’ve been back in a bit of a 2020 funk again. At least the weather is getting nice now though? I cannot believe it is October. Pinch me? Punch me? Who knows.

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