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Channel 10’s weatherman (in Sydney at least) is Tim Bailey.

Timbailey The first thing that strikes me about Mr Bailey when he appears on my TV screen (usually momentarily after I storm through the door after battling a day at work and the Sydney traffic) is that he is extremely orange.  The only other regular person who appears on my TV that could battle his orangeness is the person that plays the character Cassie on Home and Away.

I’ve strained my brain to try and think what Tim would look like if he wasn’t orange with peroxided hair, but no image springs to mind.  It seems improbable that he has ever waltzed out the door without a sunset orange treatment.  This makes me strain my brain to picture what he will look like at the age of 75.  This is also a difficult thing to imagine, but he’d probably fit right in at some sort of Condo development in Florida.

The second thing that hits me after the orangeness is the way that he shouts the weather at me… with puns and rhymes.  It’s not rain… it’s "drips and drops across rooftops and crops". This was possibly slightly humorous the first time I heard it.  But he manages to throw this in to the weather report every night without fail, despite the drought.  Dude, think of some new puns or rhymes, you are on TV five nights a week, you can’t reuse your material so blantantly.  He also bellows the weather… instead of telling me it’s fine and 33 in Brissy, he belts it at me, so that I feel like I am being verbally abused in a country where "sunny and 29" is a phrase people use when they are getting fired up in a conversation about the injustice of politics or parking metres or somesuch.

The third thing that strikes me about Tim Bailey is that despite his flaws, he seems like a pretty nice, friendly, unpretentious person.  Which is probably why he is on TV despite the rhymes and dyes.  And it makes me feel slightly guilty about bitching about him… not guilty enough to stop though.

3 Responses to " Tim Bailey "

  1. Emma says:

    Yes, I tend to fall on the side of finding him very annoying, with a dash of pity.
    Of course, it could be that in order to get excited at all about the random location/advertorial weather spots he has to do, he needs to get “coked to the eyeballs”, as Scott2BC has suggested.

  2. Fabian Alber says:

    oh yeah, and i have changed the link on my blog.
    maybe you should change the title colour of your new page.
    its nice, kinda creative but it looks a bit as if it was written with blood, so a bit dodgy.. maybe blue would be nicer…
    i like blue. so long mwaah

  3. Yourface says:

    dear dumbass,
    He lives right next to the beach, and goes surfing everyday, just cause you so pasty dont be so damn jealous.