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Yogyakarta really has a higher population of very talented street buskers than anywhere else I’ve been in Indonesia. These guys, a six piece band, wandered into Via Via Cafe when I was there a few weeks ago (not yesterday as the title implies, that was one of their songs…) and started playing lively renditions of Beatles classics and 1950s rock. They were fantastic… not only musically, but the sight of them wandering the neighborhood with a double bass, two guitars, two ukuleles and percussion equipment was pretty fantastic too.

I love street musicians… sometimes they are not very good at all, but when you find a good group, bam. For example, there’s a group of young guys that always plays outside BBs in Menteng (Jakarta) who are so full of energy you can help but dance and sing along.

In Yogya, there are a number of waria (lady boys) who perform along the streets. One day at Bedhot Resto, one of the waria sung a song in Indonesian about being a widow and losing love that was just so beautiful and sung with so much emotion that I gave her a very generous tip.


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